What is British-Asian anyway?

We use the Oxford English Dictionary definition of British Asian:

A British person of South Asian origin or descent, where South Asia is defined as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Why focus on British-Asian authors?

The UK publishing industry has a poor track record when it comes to nurturing homegrown talent from the Asian community.

What’s more, British-Asians (particularly Bangladeshis and Pakistanis) suffer the highest rates of poverty in the country, which presents a significant barrier to entry when it comes to the arts. It’s these writers we want to most champion.

I’m British and Asian, but don’t fit the above definition. Will you list my book?

The short answer is yes, if you send us the details.

We will list books by British authors of broader Asian heritage but we don’t actively seek to collate these as a) we have limited resources and b) we are most passionate about supporting British-Asian authors for the reasons given above.

Do you list self-published or ebook-only titles?

Sorry, we do not list self-published books or ebook-only titles.

A core part of our remit is to monitor the number of British-Asian authors being traditionally published. Self-published and ebook-only titles unnaturally inflate this number and mask how few British-Asian authors are getting past the gatekeepers.