Bestsellers 2024

A list of British-Asian authors that have hit the Sunday Times Bestsellers List

This page lists British-Asian authors that have hit the Sunday Times Bestsellers List in 2024 (i.e. the top 10 books in a range of categories in a given week) along with the date they first hit the list.

This Book May Save Your Life by Karan Rajan
Non-fiction Hardback, 7th Jan 2024

Feel-Good Productivity by Ali Abdaal
Non-fiction Hardback, 7th Jan 2024

Good Vibes, Good Life by Vex King
Non-fiction Paperback, 14th Jan 2024

Empireworld by Sathnam Sanghera
Non-fiction Hardback, 4th Feb 2024

Joyfull: Cook Effortlessly, Eat Freely, Live Radiantly by Radhi Devlukia-Shetty
Manuals, 10th Mar 2024

Knife: Meditations After an Attempted Murder by Salman Rushdie
Non-fiction Hardback, 28th Apr 2024

Things No One Taught Us About Love by Vex King
Non-fiction Hardback, 5th May 2024

Dragon Rider by Taran Matharu
Fiction Hardback, 5th May 2024

I Wanted to Quit Too by Hussain Manawer
Non-fiction Hardback, 2nd Jun 2024

Broken Threads by Mishal Husain
Non-fiction Hardback, 23rd Jun 2024


  • We use the Oxford English Dictionary definition of British Asian: a British person of South Asian origin or descent, where South Asia is defined as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.
  • We only include authors that are named on the cover.
  • Nationality and ethnicity data have been collected from author websites where available, and media interviews or Wikipedia profiles where not.
  • ONS data (.xls) suggest that Asians comprise 7% of the UK population.