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The Revenge of Rita Marsh

Rita Marsh is a good person. By day, she runs a care home, looking after the elderly and infirm. By night, she's a vigilante, posing online as young girls and snaring the men who prey on them, exposing them for what they are. Rita has successfully kept her two lives separate for years. But when an old classmate returns from her past, her two worlds start to collide. With both […]

The Real Sinéad O’Connor

Sinéad O’Connor achieved worldwide success as an angel-voiced, shaven-headed Irish singer of heartfelt songs, but she was far more than just a pop star – she was also an activist and a survivor. Reeling from a troubled childhood at the hands of her violent mother, she spent 18 months living in a former Magdalene Laundry due to her truancy and shoplifting, and suffered her mother’s death in a car crash […]

This Book May Save Your Life: Everyday Health Hacks to Worry Less and Live Better

The hilarious, myth-busting survival guide to the human body from TikTok's favourite General Surgeon. Though the odds are stacked against us, the human body has an extraordinary tendency to survive. Here, Dr Karan Rajan explains the weird and wonderful bodily functions that keep us going, and offers practical advice to help you thrive. Full of everyday health hacks to worry less and live better, This Book May Save Your Life […]

The Shoulders We Stand On: How Black and Brown people fought for change in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is currently a hellscape for Black and Brown people. To be fair, things have never been great. Black and Brown people and allies alike, are asking ourselves a difficult question: what leads to real change? Have you heard of the Indian Worker's Association, Asian Youth Movements, the Grunwick Strike, the Brixton Black Women's Group, the Bristol Bus Boycott or the Battle of Brick Lane? If the answer […]

Here To Slay

Kali has a lot to deal with. Her crush doesn’t notice her, her parents love her cousin more, and a big family wedding is overshadowing her 16th birthday. So, she really did NOT need a demon appearing in her bedroom and for the fate of the world to rest in her hands. It turns out that all girls named after the Indian demon-fighting goddess Kali are imbued with special powers, […]

A Bollywood State of Mind: A journey into the world’s biggest cinema

Like all Indians, Sunny Singh was born and brought up in a country of film fanatics. She and her friends waited impatiently for the latest releases, listened to the songs on radio and wore clothes inspired by those seen on screen. They learned about India and the world, determined their enemies and friends, and chose their moralities thanks to films. A Bollywood State of Mind is a personal, intellectual and […]

Sona Sharma, Looking After Planet Earth

Sona is determined to get her whole suburban Indian neighborhood to help fight climate change in this second heartwarming story. When Sona learns about the climate crisis at school, she worries that nobody is doing enough to combat it. So she takes up the challenge herself! But her family isn't amused when Sona suddenly gets rid of her sister's diapers and turns off Thatha and Paatti's cooling fan during their […]

A Witch’s Guide to Magical Innkeeping

What if love is the best magic of all? An enchanting novel about a witch who has a second chance to get her magic – and her life – back on track, from the author of The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches. Sera Swan was once one of the most powerful witches in Britain. Then she resurrected her great-aunt, lost most of her magic, befriended a semi-villainous talking fox, and […]

Sanjana Feasts: Modern Vegetarian and Vegan Indian Recipes to Feed Your Soul

The debut cookbook from a rising star in modern Indian cuisine, showcasing the bold flavours and creative recipes of the Indian diaspora. Sanjana Modha is an extraordinary talent and Sanjana Feasts is a series of dazzling snapshots of her modern Indian diaspora recipes. Rooted in her Indian heritage, East African family background, and Yorkshire childhood, it includes signature dishes such as Ruffled Biryani, Desi-inspired French Bread Pizza and Sticky Toffee […]

Why Don’t Things Fall Up?: and Six Other Science Lessons You Missed at School

Has a child - or anyone else - ever asked you why the sky is blue? Could you explain why ice cream melts? Have you forgotten why scientists think the universe started with a Big Bang, and do you understand the difference between respiration and breathing? Why Don't Things Fall Up? will gently remind you of everything you may have learnt once upon a time, but have somehow forgotten along […]

Feel-Good Productivity: How to Do More of What Matters to You

The secret to productivity isn't discipline. It's joy. We think that productivity is all about hard work. That the road to success is lined with endless frustration and toil. But what if there's another way? Dr Ali Abdaal - the world's most-followed productivity expert - has uncovered an easier, happier path to success. Drawing on decades of psychological research, he has found that the secret to productivity and success isn't […]


Your kids are missing, accused of plotting to kill thousands. Can you find them before it's too late? It's a week before the presidential elections when a bomb goes off in an LA shopping mall. In London, armed police storm Heathrow Airport and arrest Sajid Khan. His daughter, Aliyah entered the USA with the suicide bomber, and now she's missing, potentially plotting another attack on American soil. But then a […]

Winter Animals

In one of America's Happiest Cities, thirty-eight-year-old Elen is trapped under the shadow of the snow-capped Cascade Mountains. Her husband has left her. Her belongings are in the boot of her car. Her days are filled mostly with silence and drinking. When she meets four English teenagers in an empty bar, she is enamoured. Luka, Clover, George and Lyn are wealthy squatters, drifting between ski resorts and breaking into empty […]

Hidden Fires

Ramadan, 2017. Yusuf wakes in the middle of the night to pray. His routine is always the same, but something tells him that tonight is different. Yellow flames blur Yusuf’s vision, and the laughter of a small child echoes in his ears. But this time, the red, smoke-filled skies aren’t just in his memory. Miles away, Rubi is also awake. On the television, she watches reports of a devastating fire […]

The Spy

ONE MISSING BOY. ONE MAN UNDERCOVER. A WHOLE NATION AT RISK. Detective Kamil Rahman is working for the Metropolitan Police when he gets the call from MI5. They've received intelligence of a terrorist plot, and it's Kamil they need. Posing as a disaffected cop, and working back in his friend Anjoli's beloved restaurant on Brick Lane, Kamil attempts to infiltrate the cell. But when a young boy goes missing, Kamil […]

The Girl In Cell A

They say she's a murderer.She thinks she's been framed.If only she could remember what happened in Eden Falls. Convicted of cold-blooded murder at seventeen, Orianna has always maintained her innocence. But there are holes in her memory, a blind spot over that fateful day. Did she really kill Gideon Wyclerc? And what happened to Gideon's teenaged daughter, Grace, who vanished that same day? Forensic psychologist, Annie Ledet, is tasked with […]

Uncivilised: Ten Lies that Made the West

Knowledge is power. Time is money. Justice is blind. Western civilisation is a powerful brand, and full of accepted wisdoms like these that we rarely question. Taking cues from Greek philosophy and honed in the Enlightenment, certain notions about humanity and society grew into the tenets many of us still live by today. But if we take a closer look at these ideas, it seems they are not all they […]

Empireworld: How British Imperialism Has Shaped the Globe

2.6 billion people are inhabitants of former British colonies. The empire's influence upon the quarter of the planet it occupied, and its gravitational influence upon the world outside it, has been profound: from the spread of Christianity by missionaries, to nearly 1 in 3 driving on the left side of the road, to the origins of international law. Yet Britain's idea of its imperial history and the world's experience of […]

Dr Roopa’s Body Books: The Brilliant Brain

Every second of every day, something is happening in every tiny bit of your body, from the top of your head to the soles of your feet… And if you think of your body as a machine, your BRAIN would be the control room – with billions of buttons for all kinds of incredibly important jobs. With words by medical doctor and writer of acclaimed memoir Everything Is True, Roopa […]

I Feel No Peace: Rohingya Fleeing Over Seas & Rivers

Rohingya men, women and children have been fleeing their homes for forty years. The tipping point came in August 2017, when almost 700,000 were wrung from Myanmar in a single military operation. Today, very few members of this Muslim minority remain in the country. Instead, they live mostly in Bangladesh’s refugee camps; or precariously in Malaysia, India, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere. With the Rohingya almost entirely in exile, I […]

Dragon Rider

FROM THE ASHES OF AN EMPIRE, A HERO WILL RISE… Jai has spent his life forced to serve the cruel empire that killed his family and now rules his people. To grow ever more powerful, the emperor’s young son is betrothed to Princess Erica of the Dansk Kingdom. An unconquerable realm, where ancient beasts roam. The princess brings with her a priceless gift: dragons. Only Dansk Royalty can bond with […]

The Revenge of Rita Marsh

Rita Marsh is a good person. By day, she runs a care home, looking after the elderly and infirm. By night, she's a vigilante, posing online as young girls and snaring the men who prey on them, exposing them for what they are. Rita has successfully kept her two lives separate for years. But when an old classmate returns from her past, her two worlds start to collide. With both […]

The Book of Chai: History, stories and more than 60 recipes

The ritual of chai offers a moment to stop, to inhale, to feel awakened by the heady concoction of tea leaves and spices, to look out of the window and observe, to sit and let thoughts waft into thin air like the steam from the chai, a moment to breathe and sigh, to feel the heat of the spices absorb into the body, to feel the senses awaken from the […]

Power Up: An Engineer’s Adventures into Sustainable Energy

We rarely think about the energy systems that prop up our existence. With hot water, lighting and digital entertainment all available at the flick of a switch, it's easy to underestimate the vast global network that makes these things possible. Growing up in Iraq, Yasmin Ali regularly experienced power cuts - ironic for a country rich in oil and sunshine. Now as an engineer working in energy, Yasmin has a […]

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