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This Is Fine

Poorna Bell

13 June 2024 All day

It might not be the stuff of dreams, but Padma and Wallace have spent ten years building a relationship that feels . . . fine. Until Wallace gives Padma an ultimatum about starting a family she’s not sure she even wants.

Padma’s fifteen-year-old niece Myra is reaching her own crisis point. When she falls in with the wrong crowd and her life ends up in danger, it’s the final straw for her parents.

Now Padma will spend the summer with her niece – in a ramshackle, ivy-clad house on the Kent clifftops – running a DIY rehab of sorts.

Will this be a pressure too far for her and Wallace? And how will she spend six weeks with a niece who, thanks to her sister, she barely knows?

It’s the last place they want to be.

But this could just be the summer that changes everything…

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