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Thirty Things I Love About Myself

Radhika Sanghani

5 January 2023 All day

Nina Mistry is at rock bottom.

She’s just broken up with the love of her life.
Her friends are moving on.
Her career is tanking.
Oh, and she just turned thirty in a prison cell.

But her night in prison might change everything. It’s there that she comes across a tatty little self-help book promising to change her life. The book presents her with a question: can she find thirty things she loves about herself?

Sceptical but curious, the journalist in Nina can’t resist a challenge. And so begins a radical journey: to accept her flaws and find love.

Thirty bold steps. One year. Are you ready?

Discover THE novel that your best friend wants you to read, and radically rethink everything you think you know about love . . .

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