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The Winner Bakes It All

Jeevani Charika

6 June 2024 All day

Elodie has big dreams for her little cake shop, so when a perfect bigger unit becomes vacant, she’s excited to finally expand. Except it turns out the space has already been snatched up – and by a fitness-obsessed gym bro who hates carbs and sugar!

But when a local influencer offers her the opportunity to bake for a big celebrity wedding, Elodie can’t believe her luck. Until she finds out that her new carb-hating nemesis, Mal, has been hired to cater the same event.

The two rivals have to put their personal feelings aside to work together to pull off the wedding of the year – and they only have two months to do it! But will they be able to resist trying to kill each other, or will sparks – and cupcakes – fly in the heat of the moment?

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