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The Movement

Ayisha Malik

7 July 2022 All day

It’s time to take your power back

But first you’re going to have to pick a side . . .

Every time Sara Javed switches on her laptop, checks her phone or goes outside, people are shouting. Everyone seems to be angry about something and she just wishes that they would all shut up. Until she realises that perhaps she should take her own advice . . .

Her voluntary silence is first met with polite, if somewhat disconcerted, alarm. But as her silence inspires others, what Sara doesn’t anticipate is inadvertently becoming the figurehead for what becomes a global phenomenon: ‘The Silent Movement’. As outrage grows over the protest, and global structures start to shift, the lives of strangers and those closest to Sara start to unravel. Sara and two women inspired by her actions, Grace and Zainab, must reconsider what it means to them to have a voice – or face grave repercussions.

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