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The Health Fix: Transform Your Health in 8 Weeks

Dr Ayan Panja

4 January 2024 All day

Starting with the experience of his own illness, Dr Ayan Panja, NHS GP and lifestyle medicine expert, brings a unique personalised framework to tailor targeted lifestyle-based interventions to you, with his groundbreaking new book The Health Fix.

Unlike many approaches to health and wellbeing, The Health Fix focuses on the ‘why’ rather than just the ‘what’ with a toolkit:

  • Learn how to elegantly tighten up on the 8 factors which affect your health the most day to day
  • Improve your ability to control your habits
  • Understand the interplay between your symptoms and your biology
  • Experience the subtle power of “how, what and when”
  • Generate your own targeted lifestyle prescription
  • Apply the ‘fixes’ that are relevant only to you
  • Feel the difference within 8 weeks

With the rising tide of non-communicable disease such as long Covid, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal conditions and increasing mental health need, Dr Ayan blends in the science and evidence into eye-opening case studies which demonstrate how the patient story lays everything out. The unique Health Fix toolkit will help you change your health for good by understanding the story of you.

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