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The Book of Chai: History, stories and more than 60 recipes

Mira Manek

18 April 2024 All day

The ritual of chai offers a moment to stop, to inhale, to feel awakened by the heady concoction of tea leaves and spices, to look out of the window and observe, to sit and let thoughts waft into thin air like the steam from the chai, a moment to breathe and sigh, to feel the heat of the spices absorb into the body, to feel the senses awaken from the tea, and for the sweetness to send a rush of energy to the brain.

This book is a celebration of chai, the delicious, spicy drink that is woven into the fabric of life in India, now rapidly growing in popularity and enjoyed across the world.

The Book of Chai presents 65 delicious recipes for chai, including recipes using chai spices and dishes to accompany chai. As well as explaining the health benefits and different techniques for making chai, this book contains chais for different seasons, times of day and moods. There are chais to wake you up, chais to soothe you after a stressful day and chais to help you sleep, as well as dirty chai, chocolate chai, and chais mixed with citrus and rosewater. More delicious recipes include lassis, chai spiced carrot cake, crispy pakoras and warming crumbles.

The Book of Chai also explores the fascinating history of the beverage and its role in Indian life and culture. Evocative ‘chai stories’ of the author’s personal chai memories are blended throughout, bringing to life the importance of this drink and the way it brings family, history and culture together.

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