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Meera Shah

23 March 2023 All day

You watch her. You want to be just like her. But do you really know her?

Rani’s life is far from idyllic – with two small children and a partner in a tiny rented flat that has never felt like home, she has always wished for a different life.

Then, Natalie moves into the large house across the road – and Rani can’t help but be drawn to her. To her life of luxury, to her perfect husband, her perfect house.

But not all is as it seems behind closed doors, and as Rani gets closer to Natalie, she discovers everyone has secrets – and some will stay with you for a lifetime…

A darkly compelling, emotive debut about two women who find themselves sucked into each other’s worlds – with devastating consequences. Perfect for fans of Liane Moriarty and Sally Hepworth.

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