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Baby Does A Runner

Anita Rani

20 June 2024 All day

Baby Saul has had it with just about everything. She’s fed up with her job and her colleagues, her love life is permanently casual, and underpinning everything is the grief of losing her much-loved dad. Oh, and if the aunties don’t stop asking her when she’s going to settle down and start having babies, she might just lose it.

When she finds some love letters between her grandfather and someone who is very clearly not her grandmother, Baby realises that she needs to know more. She heads to India to do some detective work on this mysterious other woman… and to find out a bit more about herself along the way. What she doesn’t bargain for is Sid, her guide (and unwilling driver) being annoyingly handsome, with a knack for asking Baby the sort of questions that force her to look at what she really wants out of life.

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